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T31T - Cantón Island

Polish operators 3Z9DX, SP3DOI and SP7VC (from REBEL DX GROUP) are soon going to visit Kanton Island in Central Kiribati. They are going for a 1 month trip to do radio activity and volunteer any help to the local community, including Radio Emergency Communication System. The residents don’t have any type of communication with the rest of the world at this moment, and in case of any disaster or health problems, they can only count on themselves.

The team would like to make aware this is not a $100,000 trip as it does not need to be! They are not begging for any donation up front as travelling around the Pacific is not that expensive, contrary to what many teams suggest. Their budget is ”packet-budget” and is enough to do activations from very rare places.

For future reference, if you think that people in other remote parts of the world can use their help and expertise then let them know.

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