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IOTA News from the
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

18 August, 2016

Island activities:
CW: 28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz
SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz

AF-004; EA8, Canary Islands: Mauro/IV3HAX is currently active from
Fuerteventura until the 27th as EA8/IV3HAX on HF (CW, RTTY). QSL
via LoTW, OQRS.

AF-064; ZS, Western Cape Province South West group: Jan/ZS1VDV,
Paul/ZS1V, Bani/ZS1BM, and Bruce/ZS1FX activate Robben Island on
Aug. 19 to 21 with the call ZS9V. QSL via M0OXO, ClubLog OQRS.

AF-094; 7X, Mediterranean Sea Coast West group: Operators from the
Amateurs Radio Algeriens Club are going to put Plane Island (WW Loc. IM95ns) on the air from the 17th to 20th as 7V9A. For QSL information see

AS-097; 9M2, Melaka/ Johor State West group: The Melaka DX Club
works from Undan Island (ILLW MY0017, WLOTA 3792, ARLHS WMA-013)
between Aug. 19 and 22 as 9M2MI. QRV on 80-10m (CW, SSB, RTTY). QSL via 9M2YOT (d).

EU-008; GM/MM, Inner Hebrides: Lutz/DL5KUA and Stefan/DJ7AO are
going to spend the ILLW weekend (Aug. 21/22) on Islay and activate
the LH Carraig Fhada
(ARLHS SCO-043, ILLW UK0203, WAB NR33, WW Loc. IO65vo) together with Gav/M1BXF. QRV on 80-10m on SSB and CW with two rigs. QSL via DL5KUA (d/B).

EU-121; EI/EJ, Irish Coastal Islands: A team fielded by the Lagan
Valley Amateur Radio Society (GI4GTY) will be active from the LH
(ILLW IE0017) as EJ0L from the 18th to 22nd. QRV on 80,
40, 20, and 15m (SSB, CW, maybe RTTY). QSL via MI0BPB (d).

NA-029; VY2, Prince Edward Island: VY2PLH, operated by VE9BGC,
VY2HF, KD1LU, VY2IX, and VY2GF, will be active from the lighthouses
Wood Islands
(ARLHS CAN-535), Wood Islands Harbour Front Range
Light (ARLHS CAN-536), and Wood Islands Harbour Rear Range Light
(ARLHS CAN-537). They are all located on Wood Island with the ILLW
reference CA-0051. QSL via VY2GF (d).

NA-038; VE2, Quebec Province (La Madeleine Islands) group:
Normand/VE2DVG operates from La Madelaine Island between Aug. 21
and Sept. 2. QSL via homecall (d).

OC-233; VK7, Tasmania's Coastal Islands: Tony/VK3VTH plans to
activate the following VKFF-areas
on King Island as VK3VTH/7
between the 18th and 22nd: 
Aug. 18: Cape Wickham State Reserve (VKFF-1134) 
Aug. 19: Lavinia State Reserve (VKFF-1142) 
Aug. 20: ILLW: Currie Lighthouse (AU-0016) 
Aug. 21: ILLW: Currie Lighthouse (AU-0016) 
Aug. 22: Seal Rocks State Reserve (VKFF-1148) 
QRV usually from 0430z onwards on 40 and then 20m (SSB).
QSL via VK3VTH (d/B), eQSL.

SA-030; CX, San Jose/ Montevideo/ Canelones Department group: Ops
LU3HKA/Hector, LU7HA/Norberto, LU7HBL/ Roberto, LU7FCL/Geronimo,
LU7YG/Gustavo, LU2HNP/Juan, LU2HLC/Carlos, and LU5HA/Marcos
activate the LH Faro de la Isla de Flores" (ILLW UY0009, WW Loc.
GF25ab) between Aug. 18 and 21 with the call CV5ER. For QSL
information see

Compiled by Andreas, DK5ONDeutscher Amateur Radio Club

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