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R71RRC – Arakamchechen Island, AS-071

NEWS UPDATE Victor, UA3AKO informs the team are going ORT on April, 15 at 0030 UTC. For now they have made more than 4300 contacts and many of them are dupes. [tnx EU7A]
APRIL 7 – Victor UA3AKO reported that the expedition of “Russian Robinsons” – R71RRC has reached the island of Arakamchechen on Chukotka – the rare Bering Sea North Group (IOTA AS-071) is on air!
There was a breakage of the Caterpillar all-terrain vehicle which forced them to stop in the southern part of the island.  For repair the driver goes on a snowmobile to Providence Bay for maintenance & spare parts.
It is expected that approximately the day after tomorrow, depending on the weather situation, the expedition will head to the north of the island. The team hope that they will manage to reach the earlier planned place from which the direction to the north is the best conditions for radio communication through the North Pole with Europe and other continents is opened up.
Satellite navigation and communication in this area are unstable, therefore delays and failures in display of a track route possible – see website

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