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Announcing the BS7B DXpedition to Scarborough Reef !

After a lot of negotiation, we are pleased to announce a team of twelve has been granted permission to activate Scarborough Reef from 28 March 2018 to 8 April 2018.
Territorial disputes are so last century so we have gained permission to operate from the organisations that really matter, Google, Amazon, Twitter, Apple, Facebook, Snapchat, Airbnb, Uber, Spotify and Tesla, (Tesla doesn’t actually have anything to do with the South China Sea but we just wanted to talk to them as they are really cool).
Interestingly none of them could figure out in this day and age why we need radios or would even want to go to Scarborough Reef. But we are excited to announce they are supporting us in setting up the world’s first fully remote DXpedition. We are setting up five remote stations on the rocks and then operating from the comfort of a five star hotel in Japan (with regular room service). In case you guys haven’t realised, the internet is where it is at. Accordingly there will be none of this risking life and limb on a bunch of rocks which may disappear during the operation because of climate change or a storm, going somewhere that doesn’t have a decent Chinese takeaway, or risk being shot at because people from a number of countries didn’t get the memo that tech companies rule the world.

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