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VP8STI & VP8SGI – South Sandwich and South Georgia

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February 5 – Today is day 8 at VP8SGI. We are pushing forward to our goal of 80.000 contacts from South Georgia Islands. The ten and twelve meter bands are very good today. Our biggest challenges are the high winds which are destroying antennas and tents and the many out of turn callers that continually call while we are trying to work others.
We are particularly frustrated by those EU callers that continue to call as we are trying to work to Asia/Japan. Please let´s all show our best Ham Spirit over the next three days so that everyone has a chance to work VP8SGI.
On Sunday, we will be seeking ATNO contacts on 17 meters SSB. We will QRT on Monday morning. Best wishes from the Intrepid-DX Group VP8 Team
EA5RM – VP8STI/VP8SGI Chief Pilot further mentions that, at this point, he wants to remind everybody that VP8 team members left their homes on January 7th, and they expect to return around February 22nd. More than 45 days away, working and risking their lives in one of the hardest places in the World, trying to give us three new DXCC countries, two of them in the highest part on the most wanted list, in a project that exceeds $215.000. So please, lets help them to reach their aim following operator instructions and respecting other callers.
Paul will try to do first six meters QSO during their afternoon and evening time. Take a look to my spots on DX Cluster, he will call me by Sat phone few minutes before start to call on 50.110 Khz.
February 4 @ 15:40z – Right now, VP8SGI team is working on tents and antennas repairs. Due to the strong winds, they have lost two masts. Tri-bander antennas are on the ground and six meter antenna mast will be used to raise one of the tri-bander.
After antenna works, they will again be on the air pushing hard to get everyone in the log. N6PSE will try on six meters SSB today if he finally is able to find a pipe to install 6 meters antenna. New pictures will be posted later today on website.

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