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Update! VP8SGI DXpedition 02/06/2016

Severe Weather, Out-of-Turn Callers Hindering VP8SGI DXpedition

Stormy weather continues to plague the VP8SGI DXpedition team on South Georgia. High winds and snow have caused damage to antennas and tents and even interrupted operations as team members took time out to make repairs. But, stations calling out of turn or not heeding operators’ instructions also have been slowing things down.
“Our biggest challenges are the high winds, which are destroying our antennas and tents, and the many out-of-turn callers that continually call while we are trying to work others,” DXpedition Co-Leader Paul Ewing, N6PSE, said, echoing a familiar refrain. “We are particularly frustrated by those European callers that continue to call as we are trying to work Asia/Japan.”

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