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A91HI Update! JANUARY 7, 2016

Obtaining permission to activate Hawar Island is a long and arduous process. No fewer than six separate local authorities are required to make this activity a reality.
As with all unique projects, costs soon add up. To date the team have met all expenses including licensing costs, transportation fees, permits, accommodation for 4 nights stay/shelter in addition to general logistics costs.
We want everyone to get a chance of making a QSO. Please consider a small donation to help offset some of our costs.
FREE QSLS: Donations of $5 or more in advance will receive a FREE QSL. Just send us your QSO details after the DXpedition. It’s our way of saying thanks!
Of course, we will be very happy to list your callsign on this page, along with generous Clubs, Foundations and Organisations, as a supporter of A91HI.

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