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Europeanrosclub and the URE section of Novelda organizes the 2nd Mixed Diploma in commemoration of the World Day of Peace and non-violence.
1- Date of participation from 21 to 30 January 2017 in all the HF bands from 10 to 160 meters
2- Modes Digital modes y ssb
3- special station EG5PAZ
4- To achieve JOINT DIPLOMA must contact the special station indicative EG5PAZ
4 contacts should be on different days can be repeated and how the band but not the same day.
-For Stations SPAIN 3 contacts in any band and  modes
– Rest of the World 2 contacts stations in any band and mode.
You may have to send an e-mail with your call sign, name surname to prepare the diploma, as well as data from the various contacts
the e-mail.
6. To see if your E-mail has been received will respond in the same medium to communicate your e-mail is received correctly. If you do not receive. You have to send back
7. No paper QSL only be sent via E-QSL, LOTW,QRZ.COM
8. The diploma will be awarded to 15 of the completion of the activity
Thanks 30-ERC-318 by luis  Miguel . diploma design
Founding President
 Manolo Sanchez

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