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IOTA News from the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

21 July, 2016

Island activities:
CW: 28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz
SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz

AS-066, R0L, Sea Of Japan Coast group: Vlad/UA0LCZ is going to put
Popov Island (RR-16-02) on the air from the 26th to 31st with the
call R66IOTA on 80-10m on CW, including the
IOTA contest. QSL via

AS-141; BY5, Zhejiang Province South group: A team consisting of
BA4TB, BD4TQ, BD4TR, BD4TS, BD5FFK, BG4TVT, BG4TYQ, BH4TGQ, BH4TVU, BG4TRN, BG5FCH, BI4RYM, and BI4SCC will be active from
Yijiangshan Island between July 26 and August 1, signing B5/homecalls. QRV during the IOTA contest as B5C. QSL for B5C via BA4TB, others via

EU-001; SV5, Dodecanese: Igor/OH2FUW operates as SV5/OH2FUW from
Rhodes between July 19 and August 1. QSL via OH5AB (d/B).

EU-026; JW, Spitsbergen Island: Paul/G4PVM will be active casually
Svalbard as JW/G4VPM on the 23rd and 24th. QSL via LoTW,

EU-029; OZ, Sjaelland Archipelago: Frank/PC2D spends his holiday on
Moen from the 17th to 30th. QRV as OZ/PC2D/p on HF (CW, some SSB).
His location also counts for the SOTA reference OZ/OZ-005,
Aborrebjerg. QSL via PC2D.

EU-049; SV, North Aegean Islands: Berkin/TA3J pays Lesbos Island a
visit from the 21st to 24th. QRV as SV8/TA3J on 160-6m on SSB and
FM. QSL via TA3J.

EU-067, SV, Kyklades: Theodoros/SV1EJD operates as SV8/SV1EJD from
Syros Island between the 23rd and Aug. 11, including the IOTA
QSL via SV1EJD (d), LoTW.

EU-092; GM/MM, Summer Isles: Dave/GM0LVI will be active from the
Summer Isles between July 23 and 29 as GM0LVI/p. QSL via h/c (d/B).

EU-132; SP1, Szczecin/ Koszalin Province group: Eddy/DM5JBN plans
to participate in the
IOTA contest from Wolin Island as SP1/DM5JBN.
QRV from the 26th to 31st. QSL via DM5JBN (d/B), LOTW, eQSL.

EU-136; 9A, Kvarner group: Janez/S53V operates as 9A8CV from Krk
between July 24 and Aug. 3, and also during the IOTA contest. QSL only via eQSL.

EU-170; 9A, Dalmatia North group: Kary/HA9MDN spends the time from
July 23 until August 3 on
Vir Island and operates as 9A/HA9MDN on
HF (SSB, digital modes). He has plans for short visits to
Pag and
Dugi Islands
(also EU-170). QSL via HA9MDN (d/B), eQSL.

EU-174; SV, Makedonia Region group: Laci/HG0R/HA0NAR puts Thassos
on the air as SV8/HG0R between July 26 and Aug. 2. QRV on
160-2m on CW, SSB, and RTTY, and also during the IOTA contest. QSL
via HA0NAR.

NA-008; VY0, Nunavut (Ellesmere Island) group: Pierre/VE3KTB pays a visit to the Eureka Amateur Radio Station on Ellesmere Island between July 22 and August 6. QRV as VY0REC during his spare time and during the contest. QSL via VE3KTB.

NA-083; W4, Virginia State group: Special event station K4P operates from Chincoteague Island (USi VA002S) around the 91st Chincoteague Pony Swim from July 23 to 31. QRV mainly on 40 and 20m (SSB, digital modes) and in the IOTA contest. QSL via N3JS, OQRS.

NA-134, OX, Greenland's Coastal Islands North West: Al/F6ACH is
going to activate
Uummannaq Island from the 21st to 27th as
OX/F6ACH on 20-10m (SSB). QSL via h/c, eQSL.

Compiled by Andreas, DK5ONDeutscher Amateur Radio Club

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