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22 July, 2016
This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by QRZ DX, the OPDX Bulletin, 425 DX News, The Daily DX, DXNL, Contest Corral from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM web sites.
Thanks to all.

CROATIA, 9A. Janez, S53V will be QRV as 9A8CV from Krk Island, IOTA EU-136, from July 24 to August 3. This includes an entry in the upcoming RSGB IOTA contest. QSL via operator's instructions.

CHINA, BY. Operators BA4TB, BD4TQ, BD4TR, BD4TS, BD5FFK, BG4TVT, BG4TYQ, BH4TGQ, BH4TVU, BG4TRN, BG5FCH, BI4RYM, and BI4SCC will be QRV as B5/home calls from Yijiangshan Island, IOTA AS-141, from July 26 to August 1. This includes being active as B5C in the upcoming RSGB IOTA contest. QSL B5C via BA4TB and all others via home calls.

FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY, DA. Members of the European DX Foundation are QRV with special event call sign DL30EUDXF until December 31 to celebrate their 30th anniversary. QSL via DJ6SI.

BALEARIC ISLANDS, EA6. Alex, IN3BYZ is QRV as EA6/IN3BYZ from Minorca Islands, IOTA EU-004, until July 29. Activity is on 20, 17, 10 and 6 meters. QSL to home call.

MINAMI TORISHIMA, JD1. Take, JG8NQJ is QRV as JG8NQJ/JD1 from Marcus Island for a couple of months while here to service the weather station. Activity is in his spare time on 20, 15, 10 and 6 meters using CW and RTTY. QSL direct via JA8CJY.

DENMARK, OZ. Frank, PC2D is QRV as OZ/PC2D/p from Moen, IOTA EU-029, until July 30. Activity is on the HF bands using CW with some SSB. His location also counts for SOTA reference OZ/OZ-005. 
QSL to home call.

SUDAN, ST. Magdi, ST2M is QRV as ST0A until the end of July. He is active on 40 to 10 meters using SSB. QSL to home call.

DODECANESE, SV5. Igor, OH2FUW is QRV as SV5/OH2FUW from Gennadi Rhodes Island, IOTA EU-001, until August 1. This includes an entry in the upcoming RSGB IOTA contest. QSL via OH5AB.

WEST KIRIBATI, T30. Tony, 3D2AG is QRV as T30AR from Tarawa until July 25 while here on a teaching assignment. Activity is on 40 to 6 meters usually from 0500 to 1200 and then 1800 to 2000z using CW, SSB, RTTY and JT65. QSL to home call.

ICELAND, TF. Wolfgang, DH2IW is QRV as TF/DH2IW from Akranes until July 28. Activity is on 20 to 10 meters using SSB, RTTY, SSTV and PSK31.63. QSL to home call.

ASIATIC RUSSIA, UA0. Vlad, UA0LCZ will be QRV as R66IOTA from Popov Island, IOTA AS-066, from July 26 to 31. Activity is on 80 to 10 meters using CW. This includes an entry in the RSGB IOTA contest.
QSL to home call.

BELIZE, V3. Jim, W2JHP is QRV as V31TA from Turneffe, IOTA NA-123, until August 12. QSL direct via EA5GL.

CANADA, VE. Pierre, VE3KTB is QRV as VY0REC from the Eureka Amateur Radio Station on Ellesmere Island, IOTA NA-008, until August 6. Activity is in his spare time. This includes an entry in the upcoming RSGB IOTA contest. QSL to home call.

VANUATU, YJ. Rod, YJ8RN will be QRV as YJ8RN/p from Loh Island, IOTA OC-110, from July 25 to August 20. Activity will be on the HF bands using SSB. QSL via NZ4DX.

The QRP CW Fox Hunt, NCCC RTTY Sprint, NCCC CW Sprint and SA Sprint Contest are on tap for this weekend. The CWops Mini-CWT CW Test, Phone Fray and SKCC CW Sprint are scheduled for July 27.

The ARRL National Parks on the Air event runs during all of 2016 to mark the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.

Please see July QST, page 84 and the ARRL and WA7BNM contest web sites for details.

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