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DxCoffee has created an Award aimed at Dxpeditions. As you know, there are already several award of this kind. Our Award, though, takes into account only the Communication aspect of a Dxpedition, that is, we mean to award the Dxpedition that has communicated with the ham community in the best way, providing “information” about its operation. By “information” we mean a bit of everything: from daily reports , to pictures, videos, forums, propagation hints, on line logs, advices on how to work the Dxpedition, etc. Clearly, most of these functions are implemented through the main instrument: the Dxpedition website, but other channels can also be used, such as bullettins sent by pilots or qsl managers or mailing lists. Every year, we will award a Dxpedition that has taken place in the preceding year. This year, we will present this Award at the DxCoffee Party in Firenze (Florence HamFest) April 11/12, 2015.

These are the rules of this award:

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