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Here is some detail you can’t do without if you plan to enter this contest (or take advantage of it to work a few rare ones):
CONTEST EXCHANGE: RS report plus CQ Zone number of your station location (e.g., 59 15)
Score: The final score is the result of the total QSO points multiplied by the sum of zone and country multipliers. Example: 1000 QSO points * (30 Zones + 70 Countries) = 100,000 (final score).
QSO Points: Stations may be contacted once on each band. QSO points are based on the location of the station worked.
  1. Contacts between stations on different continents count three (3) points.
  2. Contacts between stations on the same continent but in different countries count one (1) point. Exception: Contacts between stations in different countries within the North American boundaries count two (2) points.
  3. Contacts between stations in the same country have zero (0) QSO point value, but are permitted for zone or country multiplier credit.
Multipliers: There are two types of multipliers.
  1. Zone: A multiplier of one (1) for each different CQ Zone contacted on each band. The CQ Worked All Zones rules are the standard.
  2. Country: A multiplier of one (1) for each different country contacted on each band. The DXCC entity list, Worked All Europe (WAE) multiplier list plus IG9/IH9, and continental boundaries are the standards for defining country multipliers. Maritime mobile stations count only for a zone multiplier.
The rules can be found at:
The page contains a table outlining the main contest operations.

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