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PR2GU – Ilha do Guarau, SA-071

  • September 24/25, 2016.
  • The Guarau island is located in Peruíbe city on the São Paulo state. will be 3 km from the mainland. the island is administered by the Forestry Foundation of São Paulo, core Jureia Itatins.
    The landing and or stay on the island is restricted because it is relevant environmental preservation area. Tourists can visit the island when accompanied by an environmental agent accredited by the São Paulo State Forestry Foundation.
    The island was never activated.
    The team will be composed of PY2AE (Marcelo Pera), PY2DS (Murilo Rodrigues), PY2VOX (Ricardo de Paula) and PU2POP (Joao Paulo de Campos) and also the staff of the Forestry Foundation of São Paulo, island administrators.
    In advance thank disclosure. 73 DX de PU2POP.

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