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Update.. VP8STI & VP8SGI

January 24 -  Since early this morning, we have been experiencing blizzard like conditions with strong winds and heavy snow fall. Some of our antennas have become damaged by the high winds and the snow fall is making access to them very difficult.  It is also increasingly difficult to re-fuel our generators.
Our biggest concern is our four tents, one of which has already been damaged by the high winds. We are in VHF communications with the Braveheart and we are discussing contingency plans to abort or shorten the DXpedition if safety requires.
The Braveheart is unable to maintain their anchor position and is moving out to sea. We are currently active on three stations however we are becoming increasingly less confident that we can maintain this activity. Please know that we are doing our best under extreme circumstances to make contacts with the global DX Community. This DXpedition has thoroughly tested each member physically, mentally and spiritually. We pray for a safe return.
We hope that we can continue however we feel the need to inform you that our activity may abruptly come to an end in the name of safety of our team and the crew of the Braveheart.
Best wishes from the Intrepid-DX Group VP8STI Team.

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